Posted: 2020-08-19 12:34:53

Motherboard launches The Mail, a newsletter and zine about the USPS

“ That's why Motherboard is launching The Mail, a weekly pop-up newsletter about the United States Postal Service“

From Andy Baio at
Originally published 2020-08-18
A lot of people have been talking about the United States Postal Service lately, including us. It is a key link in a safe and fair election this November. It delivers bills, medication, packages, and other vital mail during a time when we need affordable, reliable delivery more than ever. It is also in a financial crisis, has a new boss who is changing all the rules, and its future is in jeopardy. The United States Postal Service is both critical infrastructure for a functioning democracy and society, and a potential election attack vector.
Mail delivery has already succumbed to privatization in some obvious and other hidden ways. If we're not vigilant, even larger domains of this critical public good could become a for-profit enterprise.
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