Posted: 2020-07-28 17:11:37

How Herschel uses #AR on product pages with #headlesscommerce (and so can you) via @Elasticpath

From TA Digital (@TADigitalInc) at #headlesscommerce Tweets with Links
Originally published 2020 07 28
One of the biggest advantages of using headless commerce, and microservices (or Packaged Business Capabilities) in particular, is direct access through APIs. This helps you inject product data, prices, attributes, promotions, customer reviews and more into your AR or VR experience.Because your commerce APIs have all the technology you need and can connect with device and toolkit APIs, there’s not much that needs to be recreated.
As toolkits evolve, expect to see more shoppable AR in-store. For example, walking through aisles and seeing prices, promotions, loyalty rewards and endless-aisle capabilities appear through your camera. Or play gamified “Pokemon Go” shopping games anywhere.
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