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One of the difficulties of having a newsletter that is one-part curation is the pivot to paywalled content. So we’ve begun licensing. I hope to expand this program for @2PMinc. Here is our latest licensed article: The World’s Leading Brands Go DTC. | httpss://

every brand will have a DTC channel soon

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Originally published 2020-07-28
But firms that build their own direct-to-consumer operations can exert more control by keeping their sales channels in-house, something that the start-up pioneers of the business model came to value. The consumer data that brands can collect by selling on their own sites are simply too good to pass up. Since 2018, Nike has bought two data-analytics firms to help measure and track data collected from online shoppers. Last year it ended a two-year pilot programme wholesaling through Amazon, choosing to direct all to e-commerce sales through its own website.
Large food-and-drink companies, long content to rely on their prime position on supermarket shelves, are getting in on the act, too. In May PepsiCo launched and to sell its drinks and snacks. Shopify, a Canadian form which helps companies set up their own e-commerce platforms, claims it finished doing so for Heinz, part of food conglomerate Kraft Heinz, in just seven days last April.
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