Posted: 2020-07-28 8:53:51

How to Find Your Target Audience

From Rafael Mayrink at Neil Patel
Originally published 2020-07-28
A target audience is a share of consumers that companies or businesses direct their marketing actions to drive awareness of their products or services.
The top of the funnel involves content created for visitors and leads, that is, people that might access your site, blog, or social networks by chance. When thinking about the top of the funnel, the idea is to create materials with more general subjects, with clear and easily accessible language. It could be educational content, including clarifications or curiosities about your product or service or something somehow related to your industry. The middle of the funnel is when the conversions happen. In other words, in this stage, the person who has a problem and the intention to solve it considers the purchase of your product or service. It’s the middle of the road, but it is not the sale itself, because it’s still only about ideas. It’s in the middle of the funnel that you get closer to your target audience and generate more identification. Next: bottom of the funnel content. This content focuses more on your product or service. Here you can introduce details about functions, benefits, and other direct information about your product or service. It is far more likely to convert here as this particular audience has practically decided to buy already and you are only going to give them a final push.
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