Posted: 2020-06-25 21:25:25

Barr DOJ Weaponized Antitrust To Launch Flimsy Inquiries Into Legal Weed Companies

The laws aren’t applied evenly - and certainly aren’t designed to help small businesses.

From Karl Bode at Techdirt.
Originally published 2020-06-25
In many instances, he notes, Barr's DOJ launched inquiries into marijuana companies and smaller mergers that in no way posed competitive or monopolistic threats. In many instances, the merging companies didn't even compete with one another.
Keep in mind, this is the same Barr DOJ many journalists and "experts" somehow believe will not only conduct a fair inquiry into giants like Google, but will deliver valid, good faith remedies for the very real problems Google helped create (as opposed to say problematic remedies focused on aiding aspiring Google ad competitors like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon).
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