Posted: 2020-04-23 9:45:33

Amazon Sellers Using FBA Are Running Out of Stock

Some Amazon sellers are running out of inventory at FBA warehoues and turning to alternative 3pl solutions.

From Marketplace Pulse at Marketplace Pulse
Originally published 2020-04-23
Amazon’s decision in March to temporarily stop accepting shipments of non-essential goods to its warehouses has resulted in dwindling Prime supply as sellers run out of stock of items stored in FBA. Less than 80% of the top Amazon sellers offer Prime shipping for more than half of their assortment, down from 87% a few months ago.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic and the FBA breakdown it has caused, the number of sellers offering products through Prime was steadily increasing. The number of top sellers offering Prime has grown from 56% in 2016, 63% in 2017, 73% in 2018, to 85% in 2019. In February 2020, it reached an all-time high of 87%.
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