Is Magento too complex compared to Shopify?

A discussion of the Magento platform at eCommerceFuel (where I was formerly a member) questions if it’s too complex for most users. Andrew Youderian, host of the podcast, had this to say when he first saw Shopify after years on Magento:

But it was the new, sexy, amazing girl at the dance. It had, you know, faceted navigation on the left-hand side blew me away. But as I was on it for a while, just the complexity really, we can get into this in more depth, but just to simplify the complexity and difficulty of customizing it, of maintaining it for a guy who didn’t have a full-time developer became just a beast. And I saw Shopify as a more compelling option because I didn’t need to, you know, for me, didn’t need to customize it to the ninth degree. I wanted the simplicity of the hosting, self-hosted.

I had the same experience, though stubbornly stuck with Magento for too long before finally switching to Shopify. Interestingly, he gave some stats on the numbers for the platforms used by the members of the private community at eCommerceFuel:

We have about a thousand-ish members in the community. And there’s 81 store owners as of the beginning of, you know, right around the beginning of 2018, using Magento, which is, you know, 8%-ish of all of our members compared to over 40%-ish of Shopify, which is just staggering, the dominance that Shopify has in terms of just the next best competitor being a fifth of their adoption, which is just wild.

So Magento is rated a 3.8 out of 5 stars. And, you know, there’s actually a cart that I’ll link up to post on this. I actually migrated away from Magento. This is a number of years ago. This must, oh, what, oh, maybe three plus years ago now. And the big reason I migrated away was complexity. And that’s something we start talking about and getting into in today’s show. So, anyway, excited to dig into it with a couple guys who really know their stuff on the Magento platform.

As an open source alternative, I prefer WooCommerce over Magento as well. I currently have one shop on WooCommerce and have no desire to go back to Magento.

Andrew @ EcomLoop
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