Looking to open source for new product ideas

I had a thought about new ideas for some tech focused product while reading Fred Wilson’s post Funding Friday: An Open Source Voice Assistant at A VC. He linked to a Kickstarter project looking to build an open source voice assistant.

As the concern over privacy grows, there seems to be a growing tech backlash. For now, the tech giants are dominating. In Amazon’s case, this of course includes ecommerce as a whole and the Echo voice assistant. There are people voicing concerns over giving Amazon and others access to their home.

It would not be easy to create products that compete with Amazon, Apple, etc. That hasn’t stopped DuckDuckGo from competing against Google, and slowing growing market share.

For the tech-focused, there’s an opportunity to create open-source products, perhaps you could even promise not to use data to try to sell us more.

Andrew @ EcomLoop
EcomLoop founder. I've worked in ecommerce since 2005, beginning with my own ebay store. I've run multiple independent ecommerce businesses on Magento, Joomla, and more recently, Shopify and WooCommerce. I believe marketplaces should be looked at as a sales channel and that all independent businesses should strive to build a direct connection with their audience for long-term success.

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