Is a website redesign the answer for your ecommerce store? Weekly Loop #19


Weekly Loop #19

Is a website redesign the answer for your ecommerce store?

Recently, I’ve come across a number of ecommerce shops seeking a site redesign, new theme or updated graphics. Of course, what they really want is to improve sales. In most cases, a new design on its own won’t do much to improve ecommerce sales. Too often, updating a design is thought of as a sort of panacea for fixing what’s preventing an ecommerce shop from growing.

After spending time and money on customizing a new template, adding new graphics, and chains the colors of buttons, there’s an expectation that it must improve conversion rate. And if it doesn’t, then another design must be the key to doubling the conversion rate.

There are cases where a new design is needed, but before going that route, it’s with taking a look at the real goal, and potential other solutions that may be more effective.

To start, it’s worth looking at a lack of overall brand identity and purpose, a frequent problem among sites I review. Many sites make claims that are either insubstantial, non-unique, and generic. There needs to be a purpose to your brand that makes customers care. Give them a reason to tell friends about your brand and make it obvious to your target market that they should be your customer.

Many times, a design can be updated relatively easily once these questions are answered.

Another important factor that I like to remind clients is that conversion rate is determined both by the number of purchases and by the number of visitors. It’s important to understand who is visiting your site and how they are being lead to your site.

A first time visitor is much more unlikely to purchase than a repeat customer that’s been shopping with you for years, and they should be handled and measured differently. Look to convert the customer in another way, such as giving them a reason to join your email list.

Consider what you are asking a visitor do in order to become a customer. Toyota likely spent millions in tv ads during the MLB playoffs. They rarely expect a commercial will lead you to purchase a Toyota the next day. The idea is that when the time comes, their brand is on the top of your mind.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars in ads to stay in your customers minds. It’s never been cheaper to stay in direct connection with fans and customers. Set expectations of time to first purchase, repurchase frequency, and customer lifetime value.




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Echoing the same theme from our most recently Weekly Loop, here’s a guide of what to include in your site

Homepage Design 101: What to Include on the Front Page of Your Website
Evan Ferguson Shopify Blog – Company

“If you’re looking at design options and are unsure of which direction to go in, here are a few questions to help guide your decision:

What do you want the visitor to do? (e.g. make a purchase, join your email list, etc.)
How simple are you making it for them to do this?
How many steps are there to complete your goal?
How much information do they need to proceed to the next step?
Are there any steps you can eliminate?”1



Check out this list of marketing principles from a marketing master

The 34 Marketing Principles I Live By
Neil Patel Neil Patel

“Some of the principles above may seem obvious to you while others may not. But you’ll find that both you and your team will make many of the mistakes no matter how obvious they seem.
Whether it is the principles above or your own, consider creating a list of your own for your team to follow. And it shouldn’t just be for marketing. I have lots of principles… especially in regards to entrepreneurship.
So what other principles should marketers follow? Just leave a comment below with some of the principles you follow.”2

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to best use the holiday season to drive sales? Need any help?

How to Use the 2018 Holiday Season to Drive Sales
Neil Patel Quick Sprout

“The holiday season is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of consumer spending habits.
Since they spend more money, you have a chance to make more money. But this won’t come automatically.
Start promoting your holiday sales as early as possible. Run your best deals on the most popular shopping days of the year.
Make it appealing for customers to buy from you instead of your competition.
Offer free shipping. Have a hassle-free return policy. Reward your most loyal customers.
Allow your customers to see their order status and track the shipping of their packages.
Don’t forget about mobile customers and last-minute shoppers.
Follow the advice I’ve outlined above, and use this guide as a reference to generate sales during the 2018 holiday season. Happy holidays!
How is your business planning on appealing to holiday shoppers this season?”3


Voodoo Manufacturing is bring fast 3d printing capabalities to shopify merchants. Is this the future of on demand ecommerce?

‘Building the digital factory’: 3D printing comes to Shopify – Digiday
Michael Bodley Digiday

“It used to take almost a month for the owner of It’s The Island Life, a small, Texas-based direct-to-consumer business selling on Shopify, to receive its 3D-printed cookie cutters. Now, it’ll take less than a week.
It’s The Island Life is one of a few brands piloting a new 3D printing program with Voodoo Manufacturing, a Brooklyn-based company that aims to lend its 3D printing production services to small businesses. Today, the company is launching a design app for 3D printing on Shopify, the $17 billion e-commerce platform that has become the go-to e-commerce platform for DTC startups.”4



Who knew turning VHS tapes into digital video could be such a big business? Where are other surprise hidden niches?

How Legacybox Turned Old VHS Tapes Into $20 Million a Year
Felix Thea Shopify Blog – Company

“Tune in to learn:

Why talking to customers gives you important insight faster than looking at analytics reports
The lesson they learned from losing 80% of their company savings on one ad
Why revenue should not always be the most important organizational goal”5

This b2b supplies company didn’t have an ecommerce site until a year ago and now use AI chatbots to produce sales

How a 112-year old distributor transformed their business with an ecommerce chatbot
Kristin Schepici Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog

“However, up until about a year ago, this 112-year old family-owned distributor didn’t have an ecommerce platform. Flash forward present-day and they are now leveraging multiple technologies to automate and enhance their customer service.
Providing extraordinary customer service experiences has been the epicenter of the Hill & Markes business model. The strong customer relationships they’ve created over the generations are the basis for their success. And as part of that, their customers have historically relied on the personalized fashion of calling directly into the company – resulting in heavy call volume through the Hill & Markes customer service channel in terms of order placements, inquiries, product support, etc.”6


Shoprunner now has a marketplace to offer its members. Have you checked out the Spring marketplace?

Confirmed: ShopRunner acquires Spring, raises $40M
Kate Clark eCommerce – TechCrunch

“ShopRunner teams with mid- to high-end retailers to offer its paying members free two-day shipping and free returns on their sites, taking a small cut of each purchase. As much as it might like to, it doesn’t compete with Amazon Prime. It doesn’t even have a centralized marketplace where users can shop all the ShopRunner partner brands at once, but that may change.
This week, it announced a $40 million investment from August Capital, bringing its total equity funding to around $140 million since it was founded in 2009. The company says it plans to use the cash for product development, data science and to amp up its M&A strategy. It’s already begun the latter, confirming to TechCrunch that it’s acquired Alan and David Tisch’s Spring, a deal first reported by Recode.”7




  8. Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

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