Introducing the EcomLoop Ecommerce Directory

Last week, we published the Ecomloop Ecommerce Directory for ecommerce services, software, apps, consultants, freelancers, and just about anything else related to ecommerce. The idea is to create an easily searchable directory of services where users can read and write reviews.

As ecommerce business operators ourselves, we know the problems that come along when looking for solutions, especially with highly-specialized, lesser known software and services. It’s not always easy to find solutions, even with Google searches. And once you find a solution, often there’s little in the way of legitimate reviews or testimonials.

We’ve started our directory with a list of over 300 services related to selling on Amazon Seller Central, as we saw that as the most under-served platform for this type of directory. Many ecommerce platforms have their own app store or marketplace, including Shopify and Magento, but nothing like that yet exists for Amazon. In the future, we intend to add many more and have even included a way for business owners and others to submit new listings.

Over time, we’ll be adding reviews of the services & apps we’ve used personally, which is a relatively significant number. Of course, we also encourage others to leave their own reviews and will offer rewards to those that contribute early on.

Go check it out and let us know what you think! If your a business owner, take a moment to claim your listing or add it to our directory. And if you’re a customer of any ecommerce services and software, please leave a review!



Andrew @ EcomLoop
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