Help brands get restricted on Amazon

There are restrictions as to what brands can be sold by merchants via the Amazon Marketplace. As Seller Essentials explains in Amazon Restricted Brands List:

There are many Amazon restricted brands and they are restricted for many different reasons. Some companies may have exclusive agreements with Amazon or another seller. Some brands are counterfeited so heavily that they require sellers to obtain their goods directly through the manufacturer, and you will need to be approved by them as an authorized reseller before you can list their items. Some items can be listed, but only in Used condition.

They’ve compiled a very helpful list of 350+ brands that are restricted in some way from being sold on the Amazon marketplace. As brands work to regain control of their distribution and ecommerce presence, it seems likely this list will get longer.

On the page, they note that inclusion on the list doesn’t necessarily mean all products are restricted from being listed. There may also be opportunities to become a legitimate reseller by working with the brand to obtain explicit permission to sell on Amazon, though that may be unlikely. If they’ve gone through the process of getting their brand restricted in some way, it’s likely they are either handling the Amazon channel themselves, or have hired someone who is on top of things.

For independent sellers, there may be an opportunity in showing this list to brands and then showing them how you can get them on that list. Brands are looking for ways to regain control on Amazon. It’s not a perfect solution, but the brand registry program shouldn’t be overlooked.

Andrew @ EcomLoop
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