Ecommerce Service Provider Application

Apply to join EcomLoop as an expert ecommerce service provider and be among the first experts listed on our marketplace.

Our goal is to simplify the process of connecting quality service providers with ecommerce stores. To achieve this, all services on our marketplace include upfront pricing with clear expectations of exactly what will be done. All services can be purchased immediately, reducing the time wasted going back and forth answering questions, getting information, etc.

Service listings can include one-time projects or ongoing subscription services. Both types can include add-on options in order to serve various client needs. And to limit the back and forth communcation, forms can be setup to gathered all required information after purchase. To see examples, check our current ecommerce flat rate service listings.

On EcomLoop, you’ll get exposure to our audience of ecommerce merchants. And by establishing yourself early, you’ll have an  opportunity to establish yourself as one of the best on the EcomLoop platform.

Unlike other service marketplaces, it’s not open for anyone to signup. Only select service providers will be approved in order to insure the best quality and limit saturation for specific areas, thus avoiding direct competition on the marketplace. In fact, we encourage service providers to work together to offer complementary services and mimimum pricing will be enforced in order to eliminate undercutting.

If you’re ready to apply as an expert ecommerce service provider on the EcomLoop marketplace, fill out the application below. Most applications will be checked reviewed within 2 business days. Please be detailed for the best chance at approval. Incomplete and brief applications may not received a reply. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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