Chatbot marketing for ecommerce: fad or trend?

Messenger and chatbot marketing has grown fast over the past year. Whether this is a fad or trend impacts decisions on how to treat chatbot marketing for ecommerce.

In the post Messenger Marketing & Chatbots: How to 10x Sales & Leads Before Your Competitors at The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog, the size of the messenger market and how it’s grown faster than any social media channel:

Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the world. With 1.3B users, it is already larger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It’s also the only channel of this magnitude that isn’t saturated with marketers (yet).

They go on to explain that relatively few businesses have adopted chatbot marketing yet, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for chatbot marketing for ecommerce:

far fewer than 13.5% of businesses have made the discovery. While most other channels face declining engagement and rising advertising costs due to saturation, Facebook Messenger is just getting started.

As it’s still very early in the development of chatbots, there are a number of unexplored ways that chatbots can be used. Some of the most popular so far include lead generation, retargeting, and conversion rate optimization.

Chatbot marketing for ecommerce is already integrated into Shopify in some ways. It’s easy to send receipts and order updates via Facebook messenger, as well as use Kit to handle marketing tasks for your shop.

There’s still a lot of opportunity out there. We’ve played around with a few DIY chatbot builders. One Facebook bot we built through Chatfuel is running currently and is triggered by comments left on Facebook posts. Once triggered, it starts a conversation and offers a coupon for signing up for our email list.

If you’ve used any chatbot marketing for ecommerce, let us know how it went for you – or feel free to ask about our own experience.

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