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POD Weekly 05_ Prime Day Woes

Weekly Loop #05: Prime Day Woes


  Weekly Loop #05 PRIME DAY WOES Each year since “prime day’s” inception in 2015, Amazon’s artificial “holiday” has brought...

Weekly Loop - Unfair Tax Burden

Weekly Loop #04: Unfair Tax Burden


Weekly Loop 04 UNFAIR TAX BURDEN Recently, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of states collecting sales tax for products...

Weekly Loop - Amazon Threat

Weekly Loop: The Amazon Threat


  Weekly Loop #03 THE AMAZON THREAT Amazon’s marketplace has provided a huge opportunity for thousands of online sellers and...

Weekly Loop - July 05 2018

Weekly Loop July 05, 2018


Weekly Loop July 05, 2018 See competitors ads, pets trending, tips on driving traffic & getting sales for a new shop,...

Weekly Loop- AI, Shopping by Images, Crowdfunding

Weekly Loop: AI, Shopping by Images, Crowdfunding


This week, our links include multiple links on marketing and artificial intelligence, selling on Instagram stories, SEO via Google image...

NMV & GMV Ecommerce Valuation Terms

NMV & GMV: Ecommerce Valuation Terms to Know


GMV and NMV: eCommerce Acronyms You Need to Know There’s more to running an ecommerce business than just designing, buying,...

Blockchain Loyalty Solutions

Blockchain Loyalty Solutions


As a follow up to my post Can blockchain improve loyalty points programs? I looked into all of the blockchain loyalty solutions...

blockchain loyalty points programs

Can blockchain improve loyalty points programs?


With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, there's been discussion about blockchain loyalty points programs. Do they make sense?

logistics companies for shipping to amazon fba

Logistics Companies for Shipping to Amazon FBA


Shipping to Amazon FBA can be complicated, whether sourcing from a domestic or international supplier. Get help from FBA logistics experts with experience prepping products for Amazon warehouses.

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