Blockchain Loyalty Solutions

As a follow up to my post Can blockchain improve loyalty points programs? I looked into all of the blockchain loyalty solutions I could find via a combination of search engine research, citations in articles mentioned in my previous post, and the Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape.

Based on my conclusions from my previous post, I was dubious that blockchain creates an opportunity to improve rewards points programs beyond what was already possible via previously existing technologies. Instead most “problems” were due to businesses and consumers looking for different outcomes with points. Consumers want liquidity and maximum value. Businesses want to control value and use rewards points to keep customers coming back. Still it’s possible that blockchain presents an opportunity to reconcile these differences.

I approached this from the perspective of a small/mid-size business interested in implementing a blockchain rewards program. Many of the entries on the list market themselves as platforms for creating, implementing, and exchanging points. There a handful that have more broad usage and include loyalty points as a potential use case. A few are consulting firms working to implement programs for individual businesses.

For each entry, I made a note of what they do, checked financing, read recent blog entries, and attempted to signup. At this point, there are no clear blockchain loyalty solutions for SMBs to implement a blockchain-based loyalty points program easily.

Some projects appear dead with no updates in months. Others are working with a handful of large enterprise clients. Most are still in development and will need to be checked upon at a later date.

If you have any additional entries, corrections, or updates that should be included here, please leave a comment or get in touch


List of Blockchain Loyalty Solutions

blog link
loyyalin development $5M raised in angel and series A rounds, per Crunchbase - Tehama Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 is the universal loyalty and rewards platform, built with blockchain and smart contract technology. It introduces interoperability to the currently fragmented industry, multi-branded coalitions, superior program liability management and dynamic issuance/redemption options customized for each unique relationship.- previously named ribbit, rebranded in 2017 -
- blog last updated march 2017
- Former VP of Global Loyalty at Marriott International joined team in March 2018.
- Not much info available. Unlikely a good solution for non-enterprise clients.
loyalcoinin development $4M raised in ICO, per ICOBench - Study, 4/F The Podium Mall
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550 (LYL) replaces traditional customer loyalty programs with a flexible, fully transferable token that can be used to redeem rewards from any participating brand, anytime, anywhere. It creates a more open ecosystem for customer loyalty that strengthens relationships between brands and their customers. LYL is a token built on the NEM Mosaic platform.- no public option to signup
- weekly updates provided via youtube channel
- partnered with Snipp in December 2017
Hexelactive$120k seed round via Y Combinatorn/an/aHexel lets you make a token for your community. Use it to trade stuff. Or keep track of reputation. Or compete. Or whatever you want.- not specifically a loyalty token solution. Hexel allows anyone to create a token. A sugested use case is for loyalty tokens.
- easy to create a token, limited options of what to do post-creation with in platform
- possible to combine with a payment processor to accept payment but difficult to implement a full loyalty program for small business currently
WandXin development over $230K (500ETH) via ICO ttps:// protocol enables seamless creation and trade of any ERC20 Token or ERC20 Token baskets.
Our application on the ethereum main network enables decentralised trade of ERC20 token products.

Read more:
- not specifically a loyalty token solution.
- blog post on loyalty points on WandX
- doesn't appear to be central focus with last update on loyalty in Aug 2017
BioCoinin development $16M in ICO, per ICOBench loyalty platform
and means of settlements and payments

BioCoin can be exchanged for products and services in all the stores and cafes that have joined the loyalty program, and can also be exchanged to fiat.

All customers of these companies receive biocoins as rewards for the purchases of the companies’ products. Coins go up in value and the customer benefits from that.
- specific to farming/agriculuture
- biusiness referenced on site as already using BioCoin
BlockPointdead infoAthinas 2, 10551, Athens, Greece to build and deploy multi-merchant loyalty point coalition shemes. Collect points as you buy and redeem these loyalty points in every merchant that accepts credit cards(!!) Merchant systems do not need to be always on, since blockchain technology handles distributed consensus.

Assign exchange rates between loyalty points and gift card discounts on every merchant individually.
- blog link gives an error as of May 9 2018
- appers to be dead despite being cited many articles
BitRewardsin development ongoing as of May 09, 2018. Nearly $5M raised (hard cap of $15M)HEAD OFFICE
10 Anson Road #29-05A International Plaza Singapore 079903
11740 Wilshire Blvd #2303, Los Angeles, CA 90025 & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency
Merchants get a premium AI-powered rewards platform for free. Shoppers are rewarded for purchases with cryptocurrency.
- patnered with ecommerce platform ecwid (over 1 million merchants)
- based on working product GIFTD with was established in 2012 and is being by over 500 stores
- Over 100 online stores currently using BitRewards
- Merchant signup asks a few questions and puts on list to be notified when ready
Sandblockin development is ongoing. Pre-sale was 100% sold out according to their site. hard cap of $8 million with 50% available 66 Avenue des Champs-Elysées - Paris, France enables businesses to convert loyalty points, coupons and vouchers into crypto assets, they become tradable and have a real market value!- apps available for iPhone and Android
- no merchant signup availalbe
- app allows for earning tokens via playing games, answering surveys
- requires phone number to signup
Loyalty Xactive infoSuite 3, Level 3, 201 Kent St, Sydney 2000 are an experimental loyalty agency.

We are loyalty consultants & innovators specializing in the application of new ideas and technology designed to redefine the industry.

Loyalty is ripe for disruption, and LoyaltyX are committed to obsessively seeking out the best methods of disruption. We will reinvent loyalty.
- consulting firm listing 3 "coming soon" projects
- 1 project with info as of May 9 2018. Unify Rewards, partnership with Univ of New South Wales
PassKitactive$2.1 miollino via Series A via crunchbase Sheung Wan, Hong Konghttps://blog.passkit.comLOOPY LOYALTY
The Complete Digital Stamp Card Solution
Your one stop shop for digital stamp cards. No POS integration required.
With expertise in mobile wallet, beacons, chatbots, blockchain, and CRM/POS systems, PassKit ensures that businesses of all sizes are able to access the latest innovations in technology through the PassKit platform, making it even easier for brands to have real engagement with customers that build real loyalty.
- consulting firm with experience in many aspects of customer loyalty
- unclear what they've implements with blockchain
- experience with big brands (Best western wesetern union)
- blog last updated Sept 2017
Cryptiblesactive infon/aCryptibles are blockchain-secured digital collectibles. They can be collected, stored, and shared easily by mobile users!

Cryptibles are created by brands with affinity, mobile game developers, makers, influencers, and consumers to harness the benefits of crypto assets:

Proof of Ownership
- unclear how to use for loyalty points out of box
the rouge projectin development presale avail now, ICO begins in June with hardcap of $28 million. Only 50% of tokens available in ICOn/a Rouge Project is building an open-source platform to reduce costs, friction and the need for trusted middlemen to produce non-falsifiable, non-repudiable and unique usage coupons. The growth of the digital coupon market is phenomenal, and this market is a perfect use case for the smart contract paradigm.

Rouge coupons are the future of digital marketing: trackable, verifiable, monitizeable by customers or publishers, secure and frictionless. The Rouge platform will foster an ecosystem of decentralized applications (ÐApps) opening new possibilities for coupons.
elementsdead ICO, unclear how much raisedn/anoneElements (ELM) is a digital currency based on Blockchain technology with X11 Algo(Digishield) and works on Proof of Work (POW). The blocks are generated by POW technology.

Elements aims at transforming the conventional loyalty/rewards programs to Blockchain based loyalty programs.


Merchants can significantly reduce the cost of liability by mining Elements for FREE.

A single currency accepted by multiple merchants provides an advantage to consumers. Furthermore, customers can exchange their Elements for fiat and cryptocurrencies.
After signup, must confirm account by clicking a button to send an email with a code. Email arrived promptly with a broken image link. After confirmation, dashboard shows options to send/receive Elements. Unclear how I would receive Elements as I must enter an email address (who?) and an amount (all?).

Menu gives option to buy elements at rate of 1 ELM to 0.00000361 BTC (0.035 USD).

No info about how to integrate into a loyalty program. No immediate onboard or welcome emails.

Block explorer shows last transaction was April 20, 2018) and prior to that, most recent were March 11. They held an ICO, though no info found on an amount raised. Possible scam? Failed project? Either way, it doesn't look like much is going on.

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