Another option for recovering money for stale inventory

Buried in the post Learning Lessons from a 17k Long Term Storage Fee (not mine!) at FBA Master, there’s a mention about AMZEpiry, which is a solution for stranded and unfulfillable inventory, specifically targeted at Amazon Marketplace sellers.

As mentioned in the original post at FBA Master, Amazon previously had a liquidation program in place. It’s since been discontinued, and in our own limited experience, it was very unsuccessful at returning anything to sellers.

Last year Amazon had a liquidation program in Beta, and it has been shut down.

But the idea of liquidation is awesome to me, as there are items I buy that have value for someone, just not the customers on Amazon, and I need an outlet.  My garage is already filled with eBay items, and I am very aware of how little priority I place on selling lower priced items on my own.

I also am half hoarder, and I do not want to throw anything away.  I’ll save stuff and be like “I can get .50 cents for that at a garage sale someday.”

So what do I do now?

I use Amzexpiry, which is a liquidation program by an Amazon seller with brick and mortar outlets to move cheap product.

The service is only for branded, non-seasonal items. Pricing varies from 8-10%, depending on the category, of the listing price over the previous 90 days. There are a number of categories listed as available for their disposal service only. It’s unclear to me what benefit there is to using the AmzExpiry service to dispose of product as it costs more to create removal orders than disposal orders in Amazon anyway.

As for what is done with the merchandise, in their FAQ’s they state:

  • We sell merchandise in a discount store, we donate, and we dispose.


Interesting idea to keep in mind if you have extra merchandise that you need to move, though a straight donation may be more beneficial given the write tax circumstances.


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