Amazon Marketplace Landscape Infographic

The Amazon Marketplace is enormous and growing quickly. As we showed in a previous infographic, Third-party sellers now account for roughly half of all of Amazon’s ecommerce sales and Amazon’s total retail sales have generated roughly $150 billion in revenue over the last four reported quarters.

Last year, over 100,000 sellers sold over $100k worth of products last year. Top sellers have reported enormous sales figures, to the tune of $70 million in annual revenue as reported in March 2016. With thousands of new sellers every day and total revenue growth, the number of successfully sellers has likely increased for the current year of 2017.

Of course, it’s not just the sellers that have seen success stemming from Amazon’s marketplace platform. Hundreds of businesses work to support and provide a number of different services and software for merchants. Our own research has resulted in 300 companies that either exclusively work with the Amazon Seller Central marketplace, or offer specialized services for the platform. Some of these businesses were initially launched with Amazon in mind, while others have added services or pivoted to focus on Amazon Marketplace merchants.


Influenced by the great Martech Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, we wanted to put together a visual representation of Amazon Marketplace businesses. In a similar style, we created a number of different categories and have placed logos of businesses or products in each section to get an idea of where most businesses were concentrated.

To gather our list, we used Google, software review sites such as g2crowd and capterra, Amazon/ecommerce conference vendor lists, and discussed with other sellers. Many businesses and products easily be counted within multiple sections so we set a limit of up to 3 categories per business, attempting to select the most relevant categories.

The most popular categories turned out to be Inventory Management and Multichannel Listing, Unsurprisingly ,there’s a lot of crossover among the listings in this section. Those top two categories are followed by Order Management, Email Automation and Product Research, all with roughly similar numbers of listings.

Help Needed: Additions & Corrections

Undoubtedly, this list is not 100% comprehensive. New businesses and products may have been overlooked, and there is some subjectivity in determining whether a business or product specializes in the Amazon Marketplace. Likewise, some of our categorization may be off.

  • If you have any suggestions of changes to the infographic, please leave a comment below.
  • For any new additions, please add them to our ecommerce directory. Be sure to check the box asking if your business specializes in the Amazon marketplace in some way.

Amazon Marketplace Landscape Infographic

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EcomLoop Amazon Marketplace Landscape Infographic

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