Address-ing an annoyance

A few weeks ago, I read a post on retail in the eyes of the consumer about how annoying it can be to input addresses when transposing from a single line of text to numerous different fields.

It’s not so much a concern when it’s your usual shipping address. That address is either saved in various accounts or able to be auto filled by a browser or extension. The annoyance comes when entering a previously unused address, whether it’s a travel address or shipping something to a friend, customer or business.

It’s something that’s annoyed me for a longtime and I was happy to see someone else voice the same frustrations. It’s a relatively minor annoyance, but it seems very counterintuitive that most addresses are given in a way that can be copied in one chunk of text. However, shipping and checkout systems then require each field to be entered separately. Often, the address will be corrected anyway, so it seems natural to just take the original address and attempt to separate into fields automatically. If the original address had any problems, that portion would simply need to be filled in by the user.

I imagine this would be useful as a browser extension. It could be setup to work on a number of the most popular sites where addresses are entered (usps, ups, FedEx, Amazon, shopify, etc.). When on a page, you click the extension button, paste the single block of text into a text box, and the address fields on the page are automatically filled in.

It would certainly solve an annoyance for me, and it seems likely that others working in ecommerce find themselves with addresses to manually enter more often than the typical person.

You’re more than likely going to think about this post the next time you manually enter an address. If you’re infested in a browser plugin solution – or have a suggestion, leave a comment below the post.

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