15 Years Later: How broadband increased ecommerce sales

This 2003 post from Ecommerce Times on broadband’s impact on ecommerce sales made for an interesting re-read, 15 years later:

The most obvious factor in today’s faster e-business growth is simply time spent online. “Broadband has had a huge impact on sales,” said Gartner analyst Avivah Litan, who observed that as broadband use has increased, so has time spent online by the average shopper. During the same period, online retail numbers also have risen. Although scientific correlation is difficult in such matters, Litan, who also expects to see about $95 billion in total e-tail sales this year, said Gartner’s surveys of home shoppers show that permanent Internet connections remove some hesitation from the online shopping process. “People don’t have to think about whether to connect,” she told the E-Commerce Times.

The rise of mobile has proven to be an even bigger catalyst, as general access to ecommerce shopping has had an enormous effect. Still, it was a question a the time.

It is too soon to tell whether or not broadband will create a new round of winners and losers, but a familiar enthusiasm is in the air. “All the projections [made during the dot-com era] came true. If anything, the predictions for e-commerce were too low,” Litan said. What happens going forward will depend on broadband — how much of it there is and how much it is used.

Read the full post Is Broadband Really Changing E-Business? at www.ecommercetimes.com

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